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Advantages of Oak Extendable Dining Tables

September, 2022
When choosing an oak dining room table for your home, you want to keep its size and different functions in mind. One of the best options on the market is oak extendable dining tables, and they have many advantages.
extendable dining table

Oak Extendable Dining Tables

Extendable dining tables are uniquely designed for the convenience of the consumer. Each end of the table can be pulled to create a gap in the center. Table extensions, commonly known as leaves, are set within the gap to extend the length of the table. The action may require two people, one to pull on each end, but extendable dining tables are fairly easy to set up.
Oak extendable dining tables are great for larger families or groups, and the leaves can be easily stored on a shelf or cabinet near the table.


Many people have extended dining tables in their homes, and, considering the different advantages they provide, it's not hard to see why. Extendable tables pair well with other oak furniture and even modern design furniture.


Extendable oak tables offer a great deal of versatility. The space within the room can be maximized by shortening the table and expanding for celebrations. The expendable tables can also function as a storage space and hold extra plates, cutlery, books, etc., because of their size.

Different Designs

There are many different designs of oak extended dining tables, which means many options to choose from: circle tables, rectangular tables, double tables, boat shape tables, and any table shape is available as an extendable table. There are many choices to make, from the color, size, number of leaves, and type of stain. Varying styles are available, like mid-century dining tables.
extendable oak dining table


No matter how well we take care of our furniture, as the years go on, they will be scratched and fade. With many different furniture options, this would call for the purchase of new furniture. One of the great advantages that oak dining tables provide is that they can be restained and refinished.
Refinishing an oak table is a fairly simple process; you'll have to sand down the finish with sandpaper. If you choose to restain the table, you can remove the stain as well with different sizing of sandpaper, but if you choose to keep the same stain, then all that's left to do is refinish the table. The table will take a day or two to dry, but in the end, it will look brand new.

Fit in Any Space

Because oak extendable dining tables are available in different shapes and sizes, they can fit even the smallest of spaces. If the table is intended for a larger room, you can keep it extended with the leaves. And because the leaves are easy to remove, the table can be quickly minimized and switched into smaller spaces.


Oak wood is incredibly strong and durable, which makes it a great material for dining tables, as the dining tables need these qualities, and solid oak furniture, in general, is known for being strong. The extension features on these tables don't move on their own, they require interaction to move, so there should be few issues with the extension over the years.

Caring for an Oak Extendable Dining Table

Unlike many other table options, oak extendable dining tables are also very easy to care for.


Dust and debris can scratch or damage the finish on the table, so it's important to dust it regularly. A simple wipe-down with a lint-free or microfiber cloth can help easily remove dust particles.
If there is a spill or dirt on the oak dining table, simply dampening a piece of cloth is enough to clean it. Some forms of oak are naturally water resistant, so a little bit of water won't do any damage. Avoid products with silicone and other chemicals, like Pledge, because these chemicals can be absorbed by the table and cause damage to the finish.


Most oak wood is naturally less prone to shrinking and warping. There are many different types of oak used in dining tables, and some options may be susceptible to shrinking or warping, which can be caused by heat and humidity. Oak is known for its durability and longevity, and when taken care of can last many years. When caring for oak extendable dining tables, avoid placing them next to heat sources, like a radiator or heat vent. Some areas of the home, like a garage or basement, are more prone to moisture in the air, humidity, and changes in temperature, which can affect the wood and cause it to swell or contract. With this in mind, be cautious of where you place your oak dining tables.
oak extendable dining tables
Extendable oak dining tables are a great investment for any home and, when well taken care of, can serve your family for years. Because oak is such a great material, you may want to consider investing in oak living room furniture.

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