Frequently Asked Questions

Before Ordering

+ What does ‘Pre-Order’ mean and how long does it take?

Pre-Ordering with IconByDesign does take a little longer for you to receive your order, however it means you save 20% by receiving items from the next consignment. Your pieces are coming directly from the factory, with no middlemen, so we save on costs and pass those on to you.


+ Where do the products come from?

That's an interesting question. Let's break it into four parts:

1. We are an USA based company with our design and operations teams based in Australia.

2. We have a clean, minimalist design ethos, typified by Scandinavian & Modern design and the Australian way of life, where our founders are from.

3. We focus on sustainability in manufacturing and raw material sourcing, so we get our American Oak from sustainable sources in the USA.

4. We believe in quality through craftsmanship, however, the cost can be a major challenge. To address this we have our products manufactured at craftsman facilities in Vietnam and China. Most people are not aware of their very long history of furniture craftsmanship, and a very strong skills base in this area.

When you choose the 'Buy Now' option, the items are waiting to be shipped to you from our California warehouse


+ Do you customise your products?

Customization is not a service IconByDesign currently provide. In order to offer our customers beautiful furniture, at affordable prices our craftspeople require a minimum order quantity on products that makes customization unfeasible.


+ If I order multiple products can I get a package deal?

Ensuring all of our customers have access to the best pricing whether they order one or many items is at the heart of what we do. This is why our business is based on the Pre-Order model - with the Pre-Order price always being the best price. You can confidently know you won't see a lower price in the future, even during sale periods.


+ What are the delivery options?

We have two tiers of delivery available, depending on your requirements.

This includes delivery of the goods into the room of your choice

Premium White-glove
For a $99 additional fee, our trusted delivery partners will deliver your goods into your room of choice, assemble the goods, and remove any required packaging.


+ Are your products sustainable?

IconByDesign furniture is crafted from timber sourced from suppliers with sustainable practices. We specifically create solid timber furniture as it is long lasting, by nature less disposable and superior to veneered/MDF products. It also means that pieces have an extended life and ability to be passed down from generation to generation. We have a practice to allow the natural characteristics in timber to be present, which also reduces wastage. This means that all pieces are unique - no two pieces are identical.


+ Do the products come assembled?

Most of IconByDesign's products arrive fully assembled or require only basic assembly. For example, our dining tables, some desks, and storage units require legs to be attached. An assembly service can be provided as part of our premium White-glove delivery service. This also includes proper disposal of the packaging materials.


+ What warranty do you offer?

All IconByDesign products receive 100% inspection at the factory prior to packaging and are packaged robustly to protect them in transit. We offer a one year warranty against manufacturing faults, however this does not cover wear and tear. In the rare case of an issue, please contact our customer care team with evidence of the issue to start the assessment process.


+ Do you have somewhere I can see the physical product before ordering online?

Unfortunately IconByDesign does not yet have a show room in the USA for product viewing. However, we have an array of photographs and videos for you to view, material samples available upon request, and a highly trained, hands on team to provide detailed answers to any specification questions you may have.


+ Can I pay later?

IconByDesign accept Affirm as a Buy Now Pay Later solution. Affirm allows you to pay at your own pace, with no hidden fees - or even late fees!


Before Delivery

+ What is the delivery process? How long will it take to get my order?

Delivery of your IconByDesign order is handled by one of our trusted providers tasked with carefully transporting pieces from our warehouse in LA direct to your door.

Your delivery date will depend on your order type: Buy Now orders will have the order released to the warehouse the next business day, and on the road to your home from LA typically within three days. Delivery time will vary depending on your distance from the warehouse. Our courier partner will liaise with you to coordinate an appropriate delivery time.

If you Pre-Order, your order will have a Consignment Date which indicates when the products will arrive on shore. Once they have arrived at the port, we ask that you allow for up to two weeks for the consignment to be cleared, make its way through customs, and get to our warehouse. Once it arrives at the warehouse it will be dispatched to your door, following the process for Buy Now orders described above.


+ Can I cancel my order?

Typically, we do not allow cancellations of items. In rare cases, where an exception to this policy is made, cancellations will be subject to a 20% cancellation fee, based on the total price of the items being cancelled. Possible cancellation of IconByDesign orders will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and is impacted if the order has been processed / shipped. Please contact our customer care team at as soon as possible to discuss your options.


+ Can I track my order?

An email with an Order Tracking link will be provided to you when we release your order for picking at our LA-based warehouse. This email lets you know your pieces are on their way and allows you to track the progress of your order.


After Delivery

+ How do I look after my new product?

Taking proper care of your IconByDesign pieces will help ensure that they last for generations to come.

Beyond normal use, environmental factors such as heat, light exposure, humidity, and salt are damaging to solid timber, and may lead to issues with products if not handled appropriately.

Please see our Product Care Instructions for specific instructions as different materials require different types of care.


+ I’ve changed my mind. Can I return my product?

Should you change your mind, products can be returned if the product is in the original packaging, properly packaged to ensure the returned item is not damaged in transit.

Return shipping fees apply and will be deducted from the credit offered. The actual outbound shipping costs, which are subsidised by IconByDesign to help customers when they purchase, will be also be deducted from the credit provided.

Please contact us prior to purchase if you have questions about these fees.


+ My item has arrived damaged? What do I do?

Should your order arrived damaged please take detailed photos of the damage to both the item and packaging. Email those photographs to us at

Our team is standing by to assess and will come back to you as soon as possible with options to resolve the issue. We will, of course, cover the costs of resolving issues we are accountable for.


+ I’ve had my table for a number of years and has been damaged. What are my options?

IconByDesign's products are robust and designed to last. And while the beauty of solid timber is that it can be repaired and refinished throughout the life of the product, wear and tear isn't covered by warranty. Please get in touch with us so we can assess DIY touch ups (care products, etc.) or make recommendations for the type of repair needed.