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Pre-Order and Save 20%

IconByDesign’s Cost-efficient Shipping System

We do not believe you should bear the weight of built-in supply chain costs. So, to fix that, we created our own system. At every touchpoint, from crafting each piece of truly contemporary furniture to when it is delivered to your home, our focus is on bringing great value to complement your modern lifestyle.

Like each piece of furniture, our delivery system is thoughtful, by design.

How is it that I can save a further 20% just by Pre-Ordering?

Three factors contribute to us being able to pass a 20% saving straight to you when you Pre-Order:

  1. Our handling and warehouse costs are substantially reduced with this more efficient supply chain.
  2. We combine customer orders to produce our products in job-lots, resulting in a lower production cost.
  3. The need for trade finance (with its associated interest) is reduced since the payment for your pre-order is a source of funding.

Is there any difference between Pre-Ordered products and 'Buy Now' products?

The products are identical. Should you choose 'Buy Now', your order will be shipped within 7 business days.

Can I cancel a Pre-Order?

Because we place each Pre-Order especially for each customer, we cannot provide a cancellation of your order. 

Can I upgrade a Pre-Order to Buy Now after placing an order?

Yes, as long as the items you wish to purchase are in stock. Please contact us at if you wish to upgrade from a Pre-Order to 'Buy Now' order.

Please note: when you choose to Pre-Order, we advise you of the Consignment Date of your order, which is the expected arrival date of the shipment into the USA. On arrival at the port, the items need to clear customs and quarantine procedures and get transported to our warehouse. Delays may occur due to shipping and port congestion, clearance processes and vehicle availability.

If you require delivery by a specific date, please select 'Buy Now' rather than opting for Pre-Order.

Our 'Buy Now' option still allows you to benefit from our no middlemen and no royalties supply chain model, which means you typically save 50% compared to traditional retail prices on your purchase of exceptionally-designed, quality craftsmanship items direct from the Artisans.

Choose 'Buy Now' & your order will be ready to be shipped within 7 business days. 

Learn more about our Shipping & Returns here