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Infuse Your Home With Personality

April, 2021

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Style

Whether your home is tiny or sprawling, rented or owned, it’s yours to make your own. But how do you infuse your home with personality? How do you stamp it with your unique personal taste and make it fit in with your family’s needs? It’s easier than you think.

As they say, it’s all in the detail – a couple of statement furniture pieces that you love, a colorful artwork to brighten up a drab corner and some holiday mementos go a long way in letting your personality shine through. We’ll show you how it’s done, room by room. 

Your Hallway

The entrance of your home needs to welcome you and your guests and draw you inside. Perk up your hallway with a colorful welcome mat (great for muddy shoes on a rainy day!). Add a console table to keep your everyday items like keys and coins handy. Dress it up with a pot plant, a colorful bowl for your keys and decorative coat pegs for everyday items like jackets, umbrellas and school bags. Oh yes, a mirror that bounces off light is also great for a quick check before you leave the house. 

Your Living Room 

Your living room is the center of your home where family and friends gather. That’s why it’s so important to find your forever furniture that’s a reflection of your individual taste and fits in with your lifestyle. A statement armchair like the Olivia Armchair creates a cozy spot to unwind after a long day.  Or how about family movie night snuggling on the Olivia Sofa with the TV above the Magnus Media Unit? Invest in a beautiful rug; it not only defines a space, especially in an open plan living room, but also pulls together all the elements of that zone together.

Solid Wood Furniture


Olivia 3-Seat Sofa, Bastian Media Unit

Don’t be afraid to put your life on display. Include your hobbies and interests by creating interesting vignettes. If, for instance, you’re a bookworm, have a reading nook or a well-stocked bookshelf. A large wall is the perfect blank canvas to create a gallery of family photos or artworks. Experiment with layouts, frames and sizes. Add texture, layers and pops of color with scatter cushions, a fresh lick of paint, and mementos that tell your story. Showcase gifts that the kids have made you for birthdays, memorabilia from the yesteryears or perhaps an old heirloom handed down to you by a great-grand-aunt – these are sentimental pieces that connect to your roots, so make sure you hero them.

Your Dining Room

First decide on what sort of dining table and chairs suit your family and your space – something large like the Magnus Extension Dining Table that’s perfect for parties or something more compact like the Magnus Round Table for an intimate dinner? Next, add comfy chairs or benches and dress up your dining table with a table runner, fresh flowers and a rug underneath. Don’t be afraid to play with color via your placemats, dishes, flatware or tablecloth. Find a piece of wall art that speaks to you and display it above a mid century modern style sideboard like the Magnus Media Unit, which can be another focal point and a great storage solution for “special occasion” crockery and cutlery or even other bits and bobs that need to be kept out of sight.  

Solid Wood Furniture

Magnus Dining Table, Magnus Dining Chairs

Your Home Office

Isn’t it great that so many of us have the option to work from home nowadays? Whether you have an entire study or a tiny nook, your home office needs to strike the right balance between comfort and efficiency. First make sure you invest in the essentials: a sturdy work desk (have you seen the Bastian?), an ergonomically-designed chair, a laptop and a fast internet connection are a must. Plenty of light (natural is best), stationery and storage solutions like the Magnus Sideboard that can multitask are very handy. Then add your personal touches: some greenery, personalized stationery, a diffuser with your favorite essential oils, and your diplomas on display all go towards making your home office a productive place to work.  

Solid Wood Furniture

Bastian Office Desk

So, what’s your style going to be…? 

Who Is IconByDesign?

At IconByDesign, our promise to you is that we will deliver high quality contemporary furniture that is designed for a modern, easy, and relaxed way of life. We do that through our focused approach to design, craftsmanship, value, and service. Each aspect of our business has been, very deliberately, designed to bring you a simple and satisfying experience of buying furniture you’ll love online.

We want well-designed, sustainable modern furniture to be available to all. That’s why we designed our own unique supply chain and sourced only the highest quality real American wood. Our artisans then respect nature by designing and crafting furniture that is designed for life.

IconByDesign launched in the USA in January 2021 and delivers Australian-designed, Scandinavian-inspired, mid century modern furniture at a great price through a highly innovative business model. 


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