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Meet the Father-Son Duo Behind IconByDesign

March, 2021

Meet the IconByDesign Family

David and Adam Light are the dynamic father-son duo who launched IconByDesign in 2015 in Australia to address a major gap in the retail furniture market for great value solid wood furniture with liveable, refined design. The brand is synonymous with timeless style, sustainability and stellar customer service.

Adam is now the fifth generation of the family in the furniture industry which draws on the past with a clear view of the future. Ready to bring the innovative business model to America, we chat with David and Adam about their working relationship, and their plans for the future. 

How was IconByDesign born? What values underpin your business? 

Adam: I had a previous homewares and decor business called Icon Homeware when David decided to join me. We soon realized it made sense to focus solely on furniture and decided to run a factory direct to the consumer business model rather than a drop ship model. So, we went overseas together, found a great factory, and the rest, as they say, is history.

David: Until we started IconByDesign, it was expensive to source well designed, beautifully crafted solid wood furniture due to outdated supply chain models with middlemen such as wholesalers and distributors who drove up the cost. By removing the middlemen, IconByDesign has overturned the old supply chain, helping customers save big on beautifully crafted furniture.

Our brand values have always been clear: attention to detail and serving our customers well. Our items are influenced from Scandinavian style, Australian laid-back way of living for a contemporary way of life. Our products are made from solid American oak and we focus on sustainability throughout the supply chain. Our products are great value considering the design, craftsmanship and solid wood manufacturing.

 Adam, what sort of a dad is David? 

Adam: David is an intelligent man – I joke that he took a disproportionate amount of the brains amongst his siblings! One of my fondest memories is going with him to a Super Bowl a few years ago which was a fantastic experience. We have a few shared interests – my dog Walter, cars, fly-fishing, motorsport and NFL.

What have you learnt from each other when it comes to business? Are you both very different individuals or is Adam a chip off the old block? 

David: We are very different individuals with complementary skills so we work well together and learn from each other. Sometimes, it’s a case of the younger generation learning from the older – and vice versa.

Part of IconByDesign’s success is the highly integrated way all aspects of the business work together. I am design, customer service, data and process driven. Adam is customer engagement, product range and operations driven. Every day is a chance for growth, development and new learning and we thrive on it.

What can American IconByDesign customers look forward to?

Adam: Our first launch of products include dining, living, office and storage furniture. We pride ourselves on practical, durable and elegantly refined products made from solid American Oak. We love our customers, as proven by our Australian reviews, and can't wait to bring our service to American homes. 


Introduction to IconByDesign

IconByDesign is an Australian-designed, Scandinavian-inspired, mid century modern furniture company that has recently launched in the USA. We are a family business that focuses on crafting sustainable and eco-friendly pieces that are made from solid American wood at factory direct prices. 
All our products are always available at two prices. Customers can choose to select the ‘Buy Now’ option where the item is shipped the next business day from our California warehouse in Long Beach. Alternatively, if you’re happy to wait a little longer and would like to save 20% on your order, selecting our unique ‘Pre-Order’ price is the way to go.

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