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November, 2021

Olivia Sofa in Solid American Oak

If so, we have just the thing for you! The view is amazing and our unique solid wood Olivia Armchair will provide your home with a relaxing atmosphere. It has everything you need to unwind after a long day of work or school. It's also great if you're looking for some added seating in your living room without taking up too much space.

Olivia Armchair 

The elevated frame of the Olivia armchair creates a spacious feel in your living space, and the sweeping, playful feel evoked by the soft, incredibly comfortable cushions creates the perfect retreat to take time out from the rush of the everyday. Choose from a variety of fabrics, or purchase extra covers so that you can change the look according to your mood.

Solid Oak brings a smooth warmth to the frame, and a clever rod design keeps the cushions positioned ‘just right’. Enjoy the effortless style of Olivia. Look after her well and the Olivia armchair will be your ‘go-to’ oasis for years to come. 


Solid Oak Sofa


Olivia Sofa Collection 

The Olivia Sofa is the perfect place to relax and has a playful edge. Casual with cylindrical features and curved details, this Mid-Century Modern style sofa brings effortless style to your living space. Soak in the soft, warm tones of the solid American oak frame and relax in the soft, floppy cushions for a plush feel.

Olivia’s covers are removable (dry clean only), and additional covers may be purchased separately so that you can mix it up with the seasons. Notice the rod detail that holds the cushions firmly in place and the rounded corners on the back of the frame that align with the Scandinavian-inspired form.

With the right care, this Mid-Century Modern style sofa will bring long-lasting joy to your home. The Olivia Sofa is also available in a 3-seater and 2-seater sofa configuration.

Solid Oak Sofa

The perfect match for Olivia 

Our Olivia modular shelves come in different variations, so whether you need storage that's compact and cozy or whether you have a spacious room, the Olivia range comes to the rescue. ⁠Match them with the rest of the Olivia family!  

Solid Wood Armchair

Introduction to IconByDesign

At IconByDesign, our promise to you is that we will deliver high quality contemporary furniture that is designed for a modern, easy and relaxed way of life. We do that through our focused approach to design, craftsmanship, value and service. Each aspect of our business has been, very deliberately, designed to bring you a simple and satisfying experience of buying furniture you’ll love online. 

We want well-designed, sustainable modern furniture to be available to all. That’s why we designed our own unique supply chain and sourced only the highest quality real American wood. Our artisans then respect nature by designing and crafting furniture that is designed for life.

IconByDesign launched in the USA in January 2021 and delivers Australian-designed, Scandinavian-inspired, mid century modern furniture at a great price through a highly innovative business model.

Looking to update your living room with style and substance?⁠ Our Olivia collection has it all!⁠ Choose from sofas, armchairs, and display shelves for that complete, cohesive look.⁠ 

Shop the Olivia Collection 


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