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November, 2021

Magnus Sideboard in Solid American Wood

Play mix and match with the Magnus Sideboard. Change the reversible doors in both oak and white/gray as quick as a flash to suit your space so that you can get on with what really matters – like dancing! 


Initial Concept

Australian-designed, Scandinavian-inspired, artisan crafted - and all from sustainable American forests. Our mid century modern style furniture is made from high-quality American oak, the initial concept of the Magnus Sideboard was a beautiful, generational piece of furniture in the style of Scandi furniture but designed and crafted to make a house a home and built to last. 


solid american oak sideboard


Additionally, the Magnus mid century modern sideboard was designed to fit into the IconByDesign family of mid century modern decor dining tables, coffee tables, a media unit, and dining chairs - either solid oak or with plush fabric seats in a range of colors to suit any decor. 


american oak sideboard


What to Furnish With

There is much variation in solid American oak color, depending upon the forest it is sourced from and the cut of timber used. It is a versatile timber, with natural variations that can't be helped, but should work in with any other American Oak item very nicely. 

Style the Magnus Sideboard with colors from palettes drawn from mid century modern design 

  • Orange and brown

  • Chartreuse and gray

  • Teal, brown and white

  • Pink and brown

  • Or vivid white so the oak really shines


oak sideboard


Use the Magnus Sideboard as a room division in open plan spaces and as a medium height feature. Team with high reaching planters and floor lamps, and low sofas and coffee tables. 

Style with accessories that complement the wooden tones or match the white and gray of the reversible doors - or completely contrast - the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless. 

The Magnus furniture family from IconByDesign can be found here

Introduction to IconByDesign

At IconByDesign, our promise to you is that we will deliver high quality contemporary furniture that is designed for a modern, easy and relaxed way of life. We do that through our focused approach to design, craftsmanship, value and service. Each aspect of our business has been, very deliberately, designed to bring you a simple and satisfying experience of buying furniture you’ll love online. 

We want well-designed, sustainable modern furniture to be available to all. That’s why we designed our own unique supply chain and sourced only the highest quality real American wood. Our artisans then respect nature by designing and crafting furniture that is designed for life.

IconByDesign launched in the USA in January 2021 and delivers Australian-designed, Scandinavian-inspired, mid century modern furniture at a great price through a highly innovative business model.


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