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Scandinavian Dining Tables: A Complete Guide

September, 2022
When you are looking to remodel your home or freshen up a room or two, the Scandinavian style of home decor is a beautiful, clean, and minimalist trend that will make any area feel bigger and brighter. Scandinavian style and mid-century modern are similar design types that use clean lines, organic curves, and uncluttered surfaces. Scandinavian style furniture is beautiful and natural-looking with tapered legs and neutral colours.
scandinavian dining table

What is Scandinavian Furniture?

When you are looking for a modern design for your home, you may want to look at Scandinavian furniture. This furniture has clean lines, and simple forms, and usually comes in colours of grey, beige and white.
Some examples of Scandinavian furniture include:
  • Egg chairs - the chair is usually white and hard plastic material. The chair looks like an egg cut in half and hollowed out.
  • Grey sofas - these neutral-coloured sofas can blend in with any decor and will match any splash of colour you decide to throw on them.
  • Wishbone chairs - these chairs were inspired by the thrones used by Chinese Emperors and got their nickname from the wishbone design that makes up the back of the chair.
  • Tulip tables - these tables get their name because of the shape of the legs. The tulip table has clean lines and simple aesthetics and can be used in any room of the house. These are generally what is used as coffee tables in Scandinavian living rooms.

Scandinavian Furniture Characteristics

Scandinavian home furniture has very distinct characteristics that need to be present in order to be called Scandinavian:


Nordic furniture is very neutral in colour. The furniture is usually beige, white or grey and can be accentuated with bits of colour like mustard yellow, rusty orange, or pillows in geometric shapes of different colours.


The Scandinavian design focuses on natural looks like wood, glass, leather, wool, and linen. These are usually in neutral tones and can be layered to create a cosy look. You will lots of wood furniture and tulip tables with glass tops. Some chairs can be covered with leather seat covers and a wool or linen throw can bring the whole room together. All in neutral colours of course.


The furniture in Scandinavian decor has very clean lines, with thin legs and gentle curves that are beautiful but not overwhelming. Geometric and asymmetrical designs also play a large part in Scandinavian decor by adding some depth to rugs or wall hangings.
solid oak dining table

Scandinavian Dining Rooms

The dining room in anyone's home can be the most inviting of any room because it is where you are gathered together to share a meal and visit with friends and family. So it is important to have a Scandinavian dining table and chairs that are beautiful in their simplicity, uncluttered and natural looking. Here are some examples of Nordic dining tables:

Scandinavian Oak Rectangular Dining Tables

Scandinavian furniture is known for its clean, geometric-shaped furniture and Scandinavian oak rectangular dining tables are a perfect example. The Axel dining table is made of durable American oak that will last for years when it is treated with loving care. This Scandinavian dining room table will be the showcase of your home, especially with the unique wood grain that marks the true craftsmanship of this piece. Add an oak Scandinavian dining chair or six, along with some basic lighting to complete the elegant look of your Scandinavian dining set.
natural oak dining table

Extension Scandinavian Dining Tables

The Magnus dining room table is the perfect addition to any Scandinavian dining room set as it is made with solid oak and can easily extend to fit more people as needed. The utility of this beautiful table fits in with Scandinavian Mid-century furniture principles of functional furniture that does not have a lot of clutter or bows and ribbons. The tapered legs and natural wood grain finish add a touch of warmth to this piece and brings alive the principle of bringing the outdoors inside which is so prevalent in Nordic decor.
When you want to do a lot of entertaining and want to renovate your dining room for that purpose, you can't go wrong with a Scandinavian dining room set. These tables are made of pure oak so they look and feel strong and elegant. The modern design means that you have clean lines and organic curves to your furniture that look modern and beautiful, but also make the room feel bigger. If you are looking for functional decor that looks great and goes with anything, try Scandinavian furniture.

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