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Solid Wood Leather Dining Chairs? Yes Please

November, 2022
When choosing the right furniture for your home, there are always plenty of options, and the same goes for solid wood leather dining room chairs. There are a few types of leather to choose from.

Real Leather

oak scandinavian dining chair

Real leather is always an option, and it’s a great way to make a statement in your home. Solid wood real leather dining chairs tend to be a bit higher in price but are worth it due to their luxurious and premium look. Because real leather comes from animal hides, real leather dining chairs are all unique because no two animal hides are identical. This makes every piece one of a kind.

Faux Leather

For consumers who are looking for a leather option that is more affordable, there is also faux leather, which is inexpensive but looks just as great as real leather. Full leather can actually be dyed in various arrays of colors, which can satisfy different decoration styles and tastes.

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is considered a green choice that is appealing to consumers who are environmentally friendly. It is crafted from genuine leather piece scraps that are left over so that none go to waste, and the scraps are pieced together with adhesive and coated and vinyl. Out of the leather options, bonded leather is one of the most affordable, and it is just as stylish.

Benefits of Leather Dining Chairs

american oak dining chair
Leather dining chairs are comfortable and available in different leather types. There are many advantages to having leather dining chairs in your home.


The leather material of the seat is extraordinarily comfortable, and the cushion conforms to the shape of your body. This helps keep you comfortable when sitting for prolonged periods of time and can absorb and release moisture; this helps it adjust to body temperature, which helps you remain comfortable regardless of the weather.

Resistant to Dust

For the most part, leather is very resistant to dust, which is why it is an ideal material to have in homes where individuals have asthma or allergies. The fibers within leather repel not only dust but animal hairs and cigarette smoke, and these fibers help ensure that the material is easy to take care of.

Unique Material

Leather is a unique material to add to your living room, especially since it’s a material generally associated with the living room, with leather couches and armchairs. While wooden furniture is incredibly durable and beautiful, it can be boring after a while, so leather gives it a nice twist.

Easy Maintenance

A great thing about solid wood leather dining chairs is how easy they are to maintain. Leather is naturally elastic, so it is resistant to normal wear and tear. Soap and water can damage it; instead, a leather wax should be used to increase its luster twice a year, and it can be cleaned regularly with a simple lint-free cloth.
The wooden structure of the leather dining chairs is also simple to take care of. They typically need only a gentle wipe down with dish soap and water or a light dusting with a lint-free cloth. Wax can also be used to keep the shine, and if it ever is chipped or damaged, it can easily be sanded down.


Wood dining chairs are incredibly durable. Their base and structure are made from solid wood, which is firm and dense; this makes solid wood strong and able to withstand varying levels of weight.
Depending on the type of wood used within the structure of the chair, it will also have longer longevity. Oak dining chairs are incredibly strong and, depending on the type of oak used, may contain natural properties that make them resistant to moisture, pests, and fungi.
solid oak dining chair

Various Prices

Leather can be fairly expensive, which is why having alternatives like leather-woven dining chairs and leather-upholstered dining chairs helps people with smaller budgets still achieve an elegant look with leather. There are online dining chair options with a range of different prices, many of which are incredibly affordable.

Different Sizing

Because not all chairs and tables are sold in sets, leather dining tables are a great option because they come in various sizes; this means they can fit a variety of different table sizes. And with the way that furniture continues to evolve, leather dining chairs can be found with wider seats or even in the form of stools.


There are many different styles of furniture on the market, and leather dining chairs are available in most of these styles, like:
  • Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs
  • Scandinavian Dining Chairs
  • Contemporary Dining Chairs
Dining chairs should be versatile so they match dining tables and other furniture, and the same holds true for leather dining chairs.

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