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February, 2023
Take one couple: Brandi and Will; add four grown up children: Clay, Kade, Vivi, Bella; Insert three dogs who rule the house: Jett, Blitz and Dash, and what do you get? A full house. Make that an even fuller house when tons of extended family and friends drop in to celebrate special occasions or just to hang out. But Brandi wouldn’t have it any other way. To her, family is everything, so it’s always a case of ‘the more, the merrier’. 


Olivia Sofa Collection

Products Featured: Olivia Sofa Collection and Magnus Coffee Tables 

How does she pull it all together? How does her home reflect that ‘cool, calm and collected’ vibe with so many busy lives intersecting and diverging on a daily basis? How do they open their homes so freely and so frequently to entertain loved ones? Brandi says it helps to have a house that truly feels like a home. A place that feels relaxed and welcoming with a few luxurious details – but without being fussy. And the best way to do that was through the furniture and furnishings they chose. They gravitated towards items that reflected their aesthetic and family vibe.


Magnus TV Unit

 Products Featured: Olivia Sofa Collection and Magnus TV Unit

We asked Brandi why she chose IconByDesign to be part of her home. “I was looking for solid wood furniture that was sustainable, affordable and beautiful. It needed to stand the test of time and be part of our daily hustle and bustle. It had to be well crafted, incredibly comfortable and versatile. We have so many eclectic pieces around the house, from antiques to reimagined second-hand furniture, so whatever we bought needed to fit in nicely and reflect our aesthetic. While doing my research, I came across Icon By Design. I love that the furniture is made from solid wood and not veneer – it ticks the sustainability box, which is very important to us. Our furniture is truly part of our everyday life – it’s where so many memories are made.” 
As for her favorite piece, Brandi can’t decide between the Magnus Sideboard and the Olivia sofas. The Magnus is spacious enough to house her treasure trove of vintage glassware. Its sleek, Scandinavian-inspired style makes the dining area pop. 


Solid Wood Sideboard

Products Featured: Magnus Sideboard 

As for the Olivia sofas, they are the perfect blend of comfort and style. No wonder the entire family congregates here, especially for family movie night! Every morning Brandi and her daughter Vivian start their day on the 3-seater where they read their daily devotion and discuss the day ahead. Not to be outdone, their three furbabies – Jett, Blitz and Dash – make themselves comfy on the Olivia armchair while Brandi’s youngest daughter Bella does her homework on the 2-seater. 


Living Room Collection

 Products Featured: Olivia Sofa Collection and Magnus Round Coffee Table. 

When it comes to entertaining, which this family does a lot of, the Magnus Extension Dining Table really comes into its own. Brandi says they keep it closed for daily family dinners, but when they’ve got people over – either for a party or when their kids’ friends pop by – they love how it extends so easily.


Solid Wood Dining Room Furniture

 Products Featured: Magnus Sideboard, Magnus Extension Dining Table and Magnus Dining Chairs. 

If the walls of Brandi’s house could talk, it would tell tales of a family life full of sibling rivalry and revelry, homework and housework that never seems to end, comforting cuddles with the dogs in quiet solitude and boisterous parties  – which is exactly how Brandi expects it to be. 
Solid Wood Dining Room Furniture

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