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Winter Color Palette

January, 2023

How to Manage the Winter Cold 

Winter is all about cocooning comfort. A time to take our cues from nature and slow down – to rest, to rethink, to restore. And this applies to our homes as well. A few small changes is all it takes to dial up that warm and cozy vibe during the winter months and the best way to do this is by changing your home’s color scheme. But how do you “winterize” your color palette? Let’s find out. 

Paint at Play

Paint your walls or a feature wall in warm and calming colors like buttercream, clay, moss green. If you want richer, deeper colors, opt for navy, dark green or charcoal. Dark hues can make a room feel like a cozy retreat and are perfect for a study, a TV room or even a bedroom. If your home doesn’t get much winter sun, or if your walls are painted darker colors like gray or navy, opt for warm fabrics like faux furs and velvets to create a luxurious ambience. 

Update your Soft Furnishings

A more economical way to change your color palette is to update your accessories, soft furnishings and home decor. Rummage around your sideboard and play mix and match with what you already have. Swap your whites and brights for warming tones in everything from cushion covers and curtains to and curios.

Choose Furniture in Warm Fabrics

The colors and fabrics your furniture is upholstered in can set the tone of a room. For instance, the Magnus dining chairs are upholstered in colors ranging from cream and dark gray to midnight blue for a calming vibe, and the Olivia sofa in natural velvet in sand beige and racing green is all about opulence.  

Opt for Solid Wood

Solid wood furniture inherently has warm tones that create a comforting space. Nothing beats the warmth, richness and sheer beauty of solid, natural wooden furniture – it can uplift your home’s appearance, creating a homely, welcoming feel. Embrace a tonal palette of earthy textures and warm metal tones for a cozy vibe. Repeat after us, brown is not boring. Think chocolate brown, cinnamon, beige, taupe and tan which have a sense of richness and cosiness. 

Neutrals are Nice

When in doubt, opt for neutrals. Layer up in shades of oatmeal, stone, taupe and beige – it’s a simple yet effective way to bring a relaxed Scandi vibe into a room. You can do this through textural cushion covers, pom pom pillows, fluffy blankets, a wool rug and handmade accessories. 

Jewel Tones for a Cozy Corner

Create a cozy corner in your bedroom or living room where you can curl up with a book on your Franz armchair with a chunky knitted throw to keep you warm and a hot chocolate handy on the Magnus side table. Accessorize this space with oodles of opulent velvet cushions in rich jewel tones like sapphire, ruby and emerald.

Sofa, So Good

Draping a chunky knit throw over your Olivia 2-Seat Sofa and adding some plush cushions will not only keep you warm while settling in to watch a movie, but will also make your living room look more cozy. 

Bedroom Bliss

Swap your summer blanket for a heavier duvet, opt for flannelette sheets, and add a chunky throw for extra layers to dress up your bed. An evocative scented candle on your bedside table sets the mood.  

Who is IconByDesign?

IconByDesign is an Australian-designed, Scandinavian-inspired, mid century modern family-run furniture company. We focus on crafting sustainable and eco-friendly furniture that’s crafted from solid American oak and walnut without the hefty price tag. We have showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne - book a video consultation today. 

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