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Solid Walnut Furniture

Solid Walnut Furniture

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If you have ever come across a piece of furniture that had a distinct grain pattern, a remarkable color, and looked like it wouldn't break or bend under any circumstances but could never find a similar piece again, there is a high likelihood you saw solid walnut furniture. Whether it’s a walnut dining table, chair, or shelf, each piece is truly unique, reflecting only the tree it was made from.

At Icon By Design, we offer solid American walnut furniture made by master craftsmen in Scandinavian style. Our furniture combines elegance and practicality, and the furnishings you get will be singular to your home. Take your time, look through our collection, and find the piece that is perfect for you. 

The Characteristics of Solid Walnut Furniture

In contrast to mass-produced furniture made from engineered wood, our walnut furniture is made from 100% natural, solid American walnut. This material is highly prized by furniture makers due to its unique characteristics, such as:

  • Hardness and Resistance to Warping: Walnut is a strong and durable hardwood and those properties are transferred to solid walnut furniture; it is highly resistant to mechanical damage. What makes walnut furniture stand out from other types of solid wood is its ability to endure the elements. It is very resistant to warping and rotting, making it an excellent choice in humid climates. 
  • Unique Color and Grain: The color of your walnut wood furniture will depend on the part of the tree it's made from. It can range all the way from white to reddish-brown to dark brown; the inner layers are darker, while the outer are lighter. When it comes to grain patterns, they can be straight, wavy, or curly, depending on the tree. All of this is evident in the final product, so you will never find two identical pieces.
  • Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic Properties: Because it is made from 100% solid wood, walnut furniture has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. In other words, it will slow down the spread of bacteria and is unlikely to cause allergic reactions. 

In addition to these unique characteristics, solid walnut furniture shares all the properties of other types of solid wood furniture, including: 

  • Consistent Internal Composition: Walnut wood furniture originates from intact pieces of timber directly harvested from walnut trees, ensuring a uniform internal structure from end to end.
  • Robustness: Thanks to its consistent internal structure, solid walnut furniture is sought after for its robustness and resilience. It stands up to daily use admirably and demonstrates greater resistance to damage compared to items fashioned from composite materials.
  • Longevity: With proper care, solid wood furniture boasts a lifespan spanning generations. Instead of succumbing to wear, it develops a distinctive patina that enriches its character over time. If you buy a walnut dining table, you can expect to pass it down to your grandkids with just a bit of care.
  • Restorative Potential: In case it does get damaged, solid wood furniture is often easy to repair through processes like sanding out scratches or dents. Moreover, it can undergo refinishing, revitalizing its original appearance.
  • Eco-Conscious Crafting: Lastly, the creation of solid wood furniture revolves around a replenishable resource, aligning with environmentally friendly principles, particularly when coupled with sustainable harvesting practices, such as those we utilize at Icon By Design.

Walnut Wood Furniture for Every Room

If you need a walnut dining table, bench, nightstand, or anything else, we have it at Icon By Design. You can find walnut furniture for every room and order it online, so take a look at:

In case you would like to test the quality of the material before you buy, order a free sample of the timber for yourself. You can also come to visit us at our showroom at the HD Buttercup Design Center in Culver City, 3225 Helms Ave, Los Angeles, to see what finished walnut furniture looks like in person and what appeals to you most. If travel is a roadblock, we also offer free video consultations with our friendly team.

We look forward to showing you around!