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IconByDesign's collaboration with Melissa Male

April, 2021

Magnus Dining Table and Chairs in Solid American Oak

Hello everyone and welcome to IconByDesign! We are thrilled to invite you all on our journey as we continue to launch into America. 

We have collaborated with Melissa Male - A New Yorker, born and raised in Westchester, but now living within the hustle and bustle of the city. Her journey into social media and photography began when she started documenting coffee dates and brunches and now it's furniture!  

american oak dining table

Melissa believes in being able to create without compromise - staying in line with a brand’s vision while maintaining the style and aesthetic she has cultivated on her own. We love this authenticity about Melissa!

american oak dining table

At IconByDesign, all our furniture is made from real American wood. It's solid timber and infused with a Scandinavian-inspired design ethos. The actual designing is done in-house and led by our Product Designer Tania in Sydney.

There's a Modern, Mid-Century and Contemporary feel about each item we craft. 

We are also a family business. Our founders are a dynamic father and son duo who have great ambitions for their products in America. You can read more about their story here

american oak dining table

You can purchase any product using the Buy Now option and we will ship to you in 3 days. Alternatively, if you're happy to wait a little longer, you can SAVE 20% and Pre-Order your forever furniture. 

Don't forget to use Melissa's unique discount code MELISSA100 in the secure checkout process for an extra $100 discount! 

Happy shopping!

Who is IconByDesign?

IconByDesign is an Australian-designed, Scandinavian-inspired, mid century modern furniture company that has recently launched in the USA. We are a family business that focuses on crafting sustainable and eco-friendly pieces that are made from solid American wood at factory direct prices. 
All our products are always available at two prices. Customers can choose to select the ‘Buy Now’ option where the item is shipped the next business day from our California warehouse in Long Beach. Alternatively, if you’re happy to wait a little longer and would like to save 20% on your order, selecting our unique ‘Pre-Order’ price is the way to go.


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