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November, 2021

Olivia Sofa in Solid American Oak

Casual date night at home? Here’s our recipe for romance. 
  1. Quit slaving over a hot stove and order pizza instead 
  2. Choose a Spotify playlist of some soft, soulful tunes to get groovy 
  3. Buy a bouquet of in-season blooms (there’s always space on the Olivia shelves) 
  4. Light a scented candle or two for ambience 
  5. Don’t forget your sparkling wit 
  6. Cuddle time on your Olivia two-seater is guaranteed! 

    Aside from being a dream for comfort, the Olivia Sofa has a playful edge. Casual with cylindrical features and curved details, Olivia brings effortless style to your living space. Soak in the soft, warm tones of the solid Oak frame and relax in the soft, floppy cushions for a plush feel.

    Olivia’s covers are removable (dry clean only), and additional covers may be purchased separately so that you can mix it up with the seasons. Notice the rod detail that holds the cushions firmly in place and the rounded corners on the back of the frame that align with the Scandinavian-inspired form. With the right care, Olivia will bring long-lasting joy to your home. The Olivia Sofa is also available in a 3-seater and armchair configuration.

    Product Match with the Olivia Sofa

    1. Magnus Coffee Table

    The rounded edges and elegant design of the Magnus Coffee Table inspire gentle tranquility and bring a modern touch to your home. Magnus’s effortless balance of soft curves and clean lines is inspired by the Mid-century Modern furniture movement that creates an effortless, timeless atmosphere, designed for life. Solid, strong American oak construction means the Magnus coffee table is long-lasting - with the right care it can bring decades of service and refined style. Bring the soft, warm tones and smooth texture of the solid oak Magnus Coffee Table into your living space and experience easy, sweeping elegance. Available in a round or rectangular shape to perfectly suit your living room design. 

    2. Magnus Media Unit

    The Magnus media unit is versatile with reversible doors; there's the option of white and grey doors or flip them around for matching American oak. It's flawless design is intended for comfortable living, with dimensions offering the ideal height for your TV that works perfectly once you’re settled onto your sofa. The two sliding-door cabinets and iconic drawers are spacious enough to house all the essentials that come with home entertainment, while maintaining an effortless tranquility with two pre-drilled holes on the back to keep cables in line. Enjoy the soft curves and clean lines for decades to come with the iconic Magnus media unit’s thoughtful craftsmanship.

    Introduction to IconByDesign

    At IconByDesign, our promise to you is that we will deliver high quality contemporary furniture that is designed for a modern, easy and relaxed way of life. We do that through our focused approach to design, craftsmanship, value and service. Each aspect of our business has been, very deliberately, designed to bring you a simple and satisfying experience of buying furniture you’ll love online. 
    We want well-designed, sustainable modern furniture to be available to all. That’s why we designed our own unique supply chain and sourced only the highest quality real American wood. Our artisans then respect nature by designing and crafting furniture that is designed for life.
    IconByDesign launched in the USA in January 2021 and delivers Australian-designed, Scandinavian-inspired, mid century modern furniture at a great price through a highly innovative business model.


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