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Oak Dining Tables: Why You Should Get One

September, 2022
There are various different types of wood dining tables available on the market, and some kinds of wood can even be painted to match different color schemes. Despite this, oak dining tables remain the best option.

Why Buy an Oak Dining Table?

If you're wondering why you should purchase an oak dining table, down below we've explained why.
natural oak dining table


Everyone has different tastes when it comes to furniture, which is one of the reasons why oak dining tables are such a great choice. Oak is a hardwood but can be curved into many different designs and shapes. Whether you want a simple oak dining room table or one with intricate carving, there are different options to choose from.
Oak dining tables are also available in different shapes and sizes, which can help save space. Dining tables with edges can be placed into corners to allow more space in the room, and oval and round shapes can contribute to the aesthetic of the room. Extendable dining tables are available to fit in any size room and are easily adjustable to conserve space.
Because there are different types of oak and stains used in furniture, there are varying shades of oak dining tables to choose from to match the color schemes of your home; natural oak wood can take on many different hues and range from beige to a rosy red. And each one is going to be unique in its own way because every tree has its own special grain pattern and knots.
The variety of styles to choose from include:
  • Mid-century dining table
  • Scandinavian dining table
  • Modern dining table


Oak wood is dignified and respectable, and these characteristics translate over into furniture as well. Oak dining room tables are gorgeous and timeless, and the use of them, along with oak dining chairs, provides unbeatable elegance.
scandinavian dining table


While some oak dining table options may be on the pricier side, they are a long-term investment. Oak is a high-quality wood that can last a long time, which means your dining table will last a long time. Other materials can't match up to the standard or quality: options that incorporate plastic are prone to cracking and breaking, while those that have metal components can rust.
With simple cleaning, polishing, and refinishing when necessary, your oak dining table can have a long lifespan and be passed down for generations. 


A huge benefit of oak dining tables is the durability of the wood. Oak is very strong and can withstand a lot of pressure and moisture. One of its many strengths is the high levels of tannins that it contains, which makes it naturally resistant to fungi, mold, and insects, three things that can damage your table. And because oak trees grow densely, the strength of the wood is increased.
Most forms of oak are water resistant and can withstand varying levels of moisture and humidity. This means that the wood is less likely to warp and shrink when exposed to humidity and is less likely to rot or soften due to moisture. 

Low Maintenance

Oak dining tables are very easy to maintain; all you need to clean them are lint-free or microfiber cloths and gentle dish soap, and this is only when the tables get dirty. The majority of the time, a simple dusting is all that it needs. Avoid cleaners with chemicals that can seep into the finish and damage the wood.
Follow these tips to increase the longevity of your oak dining table.
  • Keep solid oak dining tables away from fireplaces, heating vents, and radiators
  • Place your oak dining table out of direct sunlight
  • Try to keep your oak dining tables in spaces with low humidity
  • Because wood can be scratched, use smooth coasters
  • If you have an extendable oak dining table, store the leaves close to the table and away from humid places.
  • Avoid using solvents like alcohol and nail polish remover on the table, as it can damage the finish.
  • Avoid direct placement of cold, hot, and sharp objects. Try to utilize padding to prevent damage to the table.
When the wood begins to fade or the shine begins to dull, oak dining tables can easily be refinished and relaxed to look brand new.
oak wood dining table


Oak dining tables are very versatile, so they can pair nicely with all sorts of interior design styles and colors within your home.
Oak dining tables are the best choice long-term because they can last many years and give you your money's worth. Other oak options, like Scandinavian dining sets, are great options to invest in.

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