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Product Spotlight: Bastian Office Desk

June, 2021

Bastian Office Desk in Solid Oak

With so many of us now working and studying at home, it’s time to ensure we are comfortable and focused while we do it. The gorgeous Bastian Office Desk offers a functional working space. The drawers can be set up on either the left or the right, depending on the needs of your work space. 

Enjoy the elegant, minimalist form of this desk: the beveled table top is complemented by 3 drawers for storage framed with an inverted beveled edge. Drawer fronts feature a grooved lip for ease of opening. The smooth, velvety texture and soft, warm tones of solid American Oak blend with versatile design: the drawers can be installed on either side of the Desk.

Clean and sharp, the solid wood Desk is inspired by the Scandinavian and Mid-Century modern furniture movements and is designed for living. With the right care, this desk will provide a modern work or study space for decades to come.

Initial Concept

The concept for the Bastian Office Desk was simplicity - a statement piece of furniture in the Scandinavian style that could easily accommodate at home work and study needs. A space to be productive, yet a beautiful piece of furniture which would add to, not detract from the style of your home. The initial idea for the Bastian Office Desk combines form and function with their proud tradition of valuing the authenticity of materials to craft quality furniture, designed for living. 

Sourcing of Materials

We work hard to ensure that we’re always producing sustainable furniture. For example, the solid American oak which makes up the bulk of the Bastian office desk  is sourced from American forests which embrace sustainable principles - meaning the wood is sustainably harvested, works to restore the ecosystem, implements a replanting process, undertakes consistent environmental monitoring, and respects the land rights of indigenous peoples.

We also use oak because it's hardy and it lasts - it has a natural strength which makes it ideal for the interior home environment. Unlike veneered furniture, there's less damage from wear and tear so you don't have to throw it out to replace it with something equally replaceable. 

Solid Wood Desk

Our solid wood furniture is a provider of carbon storage and therefore has a positive effect on the planet by containing carbon, and its regrowth in sustainable managed forests adds to the carbon emission reduction. 

By crafting our solid American oak furniture, such as the Bastian office desk, from wood we are doing the best we can on the planet - making pieces that last through the generations and rejecting the tread of flat-pack, cheap, disposable, replaceable veneer furniture. 

What to Furnish With

To create the ultimate work space in your living room, or full study, the Bastian office desk can be furnished with the Bastian media unit and the Olivia dining chair. The Bastian media unit can provide for additional storage and/or to create a room divider should your work/study area be situated in a multi-purpose space such as your living room. The Olivia dining chair provides comfort whether you are undertaking home admin tasks, study or even your 9-5 job from home. 

Need more storage space for your home office? Our strong and simple Bastian media unit will add style and function to any living room or study. Bring the sharp, minimalist design of the Bastian TV Unit into your space, with three sizes available The Bastian is the perfect height for your TV to be comfortably viewed when sitting on your sofa or at your office desk, and pre-drilled holes for cables at the back of the unit keep everything in its place. The lip on the drawer front makes for easy opening while retaining a clean, minimalist appearance. Solid oak construction with clean, flat surfaces and angled legs with a tapered, rectangular prism shape combines to create a modern, strong piece that will last for years to come with the right care.


Solid Oak Desk


To ensure you are comfortable whilst working or studying from home, enjoy smooth, ergonomic comfort with the Olivia dining chair’s curved seat and backrest that hugs your back, melting away the distractions of the outside world as you settle in to get some work or study done. The Olivia dining chair is available in denim blue, forest green, dove gray and graphite gray, and her solid, strong Oak frame features a t-bar on the back for stability. Olivia’s slightly tapered legs bring a playful edge and a fun, casual feel. Inspired by Scandinavian design, Olivia’s smooth, sweeping lines add a modern quality to your space. Care for the Olivia chair properly and you’ll be rewarded with comfortable seating for years to come. 

Who is IconByDesign?

IconByDesign is an Australian-designed, Scandinavian-inspired, mid century modern furniture company that has recently launched in the USA. We are a family business that focuses on crafting sustainable and eco-friendly pieces that are made from solid American wood at factory direct prices. 

All our products are always available at two prices. Customers can choose to select the ‘Buy Now’ option where the item is shipped from our California warehouse within 3 days. Alternatively, if you’re happy to wait a little longer and you’d like to save 20%, you can select our ‘Pre-Order’ option. 



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