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Product Spotlight: Magnus Dining Chair (Solid Walnut)

February, 2022

Walnut Dining Chair - Magnus

walnut dining chair

Initial Concept

Every home needs beautiful dining chairs to welcome visitors. IconByDesign is proud to have created what we feel is one of the best solid wood dining chairs around. Sleek and lustrous, with the shining beauty of walnut and crisp neutral upholstery, we’re sure you’ll find the Magnus solid walnut dining chair a match made in heaven.

Three types of chairs

There are three variants of the Magnus dining chair.

1. Our flagship chair includes a robust cotton fabric upholstery in neat, clean neutrals, and will fit easily around any dining table.

2. Flesh out the range and further your home decor goals with our unique leather-upholstered Magnus

3. Add charm and old-world elegance with the solid walnut seat variety. With the same beautiful lines throughout the collection, you’re sure to fall in love.


Solid Walnut Dining Chairs


Sourcing of Materials

Are you sick of paying premium prices for veneers and chipboards that crack and warp? IconByDesign uses real American walnut and oak, sourced from fully sustainable forests. This way your purchases aren't only carbon-neutral and earth-friendly, but are also guaranteed to last for decades to come.

Product Q&A

Whether you’re already a fan of walnut, or just starting out with your first ‘real wood’ pieces, we’re sure you have some questions. Here’s three that are commonly raised around this exquisite handmade handcrafted walnut dining chair.

Question #1 - How do I care for this chair?

This Scandinavian walnut dining chair will fit easily into your busy home, don’t worry. We do recommend using a fabric protecting spray on the upholstery for maximum lifespan, ensuring spills roll off instead of stain. Other than that, however, a dusting once a week with a dry cloth will see to the wood, and you can vacuum the seat as needed.

You can read more about product care here

Question #2 - Do I need foot protectors?

This walnut dining chair comes with foot protectors already added, for added convenience. We also include matching replacement felt protectors in the carton, so you never have to worry if one comes loose or wears out.

Question #3 - What about matching my other walnut pieces?

Part of the beauty of a solid walnut dining chair is that this versatile wood will easily fit in with a variety of other walnut furniture. After all, the key beauty of walnut is that it can look subtly different, depending on what forest it comes from and even the cut of wood used. This means it’s easy to assemble a collection that’s all similar, but no peace cookie-cutter and identical.



What To Pair With

Once you’ve seen these stunning mid-century walnut dining chairs, we know you’ll want more. That’s why IconByDesign is so proud to bring you not only some of the best dining chairs you’ll ever own, but a comprehensive range of matching pieces that make creating a stunning home easy as pie.

Pairing #1 - Magnus Extension Dining Table

Do you love the sleek vibes of American Walnut dining furniture, and want to extend the collection through your house? We have the matching Magnus Extension Dining Table in a sleek and solid walnut, too. This makes it perfect for breakfast and reading nooks, or to carry the same ambiance into a bar or games room, too. 

Walnut Dining Table

Pairing #2 - The Olivia Dining Table

If the Magnus table isn’t perfect for you, then this solid walnut Scandinavian inspired Olivia Dining Table just might be! With the same warm glow of walnut, this is a more strident, sleek design that’s playful and elegant. With a light, modern look, this is a classic dining table reinvented for today’s homes.

Solid Walnut Dining Table


What happens when you cut out the middlemen and bring handcrafted style directly to the buyer? That’s what IconByDesign does for you. Our range of Scandinavian-inspired, mid-century furnishings looks fantastic, because they’re made with love. It’s never been easier to own high-quality, contemporary modern furniture that supports craftspeople and helps you lead a better life, too.

You’ve tried the rest, now try the best. You’re sure to fall in love with the unique beauty of IconByDesign’s range.


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