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Round or Rectangular Oak Dining Table?

October, 2022
It's a hard decision, selecting an oak dining table for your space. After all, the shape of the table can set the mood for your dining room, so which should you choose: round or rectangular?
modern walnut dining table


Round and rectangular oak dining tables have different sizes and take up different amounts of space. Round tables tend to be smaller and take up less space but can be just as large as their counterparts. Because of the variety of sizes in round oak dining tables, there are different options to fit various spaces.
Rectangular oak dining tables are usually quite large because of their shape and can take up quite a bit of space within a room. However, unlike round tables, rectangular tables can be pushed up against a wall to create more space.


Oak dining tables are a statement piece of the room; how they look matters. Round tables make pretty centerpieces but can look awkward.
Rectangular oak dining tables give more of an air of grander and work very well in formal settings and dining rooms. Both options look great with other oak furniture and other modern design furniture, and there are different dining room styles, like:
  • Scandinavian dining room tables, also known as Scandi dining tables
  • Contemporary oak dining table
  • Mid-century dining room furniture

Capacity and Seating

Because of their different available sizes and their shapes, round and rectangular dining tables have different levels of capacity. Because round tables tend to be smaller, they offer less capacity but can provide a more intimate feel. Since there are no awkward edges to work around, round tables give individuals the opportunity to make eye contact and speak with everyone. The size of rectangular dining tables allows individuals to fit more people, though leg room might be an issue because of the legs of the table.
Both shapes of oak dining tables also require different seating. Round tables require individual seats because of the shape, and rectangular dining tables allow the choice of a bench to seat more people. While a bench might not fit all occasions, it can provide certain benefits; benches can be tucked under tables and save space. 


When choosing between a round or rectangular oak dining table, it's important to consider its different functions. Dining tables are within spaces where they are social elements, like enjoying a meal with others or spending time together. Solid oak round dining tables are much more personable and can help facilitate conversation, while rectangular tables can provide space for more individuals.
The surface area of the different shapes of dining tables is another essential element to consider. If there is a larger family or group, a rectangular table may be the better option because it provides more surface area for enjoying meals or engaging in a board game. For couples that live together, round tables might work better because they need less surface area.
round oak table
Dining tables are meant for more than just eating. It is also where work and schoolwork can be conducted, and it can hold books, papers, and other items when needed. For multipurpose, rectangular oak dining tables are the better option.


When children are present in the home, it's important to consider which shape of the table is safer. Children are always running around and playing, and the sharp edges of a rectangular table can pose a hazard to children. Because round tables don't have these edges, they are safer options for homes that have children.
And it's not just children; rectangular tables pose a potential hazard to the elderly as well, who can bump into the corners and hurt themselves.


The size of the room and the size of the dining table is important to keep in mind, especially when first purchasing the table. Questions to ask are, how am I going to get this table into my home? Can it be disassembled and brought in? Will the table fit through my doorway?
For round tables like Scandi round dining tables, the table itself is set on a pedestal base. For some table options, this base can be removed to make it easier to bring into your home, but this isn't always the case. If the leg of the table cannot be removed, it may be a challenge to bring it into your home.
The same goes for rectangular oak dining tables. This shape of table has four legs, and there may be an option to disassemble the legs. As with round tables, if the legs cannot be removed, this may pose an issue. Additionally, rectangular tables can be quite large, and the angles and hallways in each home are different; the large size of rectangular tables can make the installation difficult.
round glass table
So, round or rectangular oak dining table? The truth is, both options have different pros and cons. Everyone has different needs and requirements for their dining tables, so the different shapes are going to suit individuals differently. The different styles, like Scandinavian oak rectangular dining tables, mean there are more options of each to choose from.

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