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Tips for Choosing the Right Oak Media Unit

October, 2022
Oak furniture is incredibly sturdy and durable, and oak media units are great additions to homes. Not only are they multi-functional, but they have the ability to elevate your TV viewing experience.

Do I Need an Oak Media Unit?

Whether or not you need a media unit depends on your circumstances. After all, purchasing a media unit is made from desire or necessity. When asking yourself this, there are a few things to consider. What is the size and weight of your TV? Can your TV be mounted to a wall? Is your wall able to hold a mounted TV? Do you need space for other things, like DVDs or consoles?
And media units are versatile; they're not only used to hold the TVs but as storage space and decorative pieces. Media units can solve many problems within a home, but whether you need one or not is up to you.
oak media unit


Purchasing new furniture can be exciting, but there are a few factors to consider when choosing. So, we've gathered several tips for choosing the right oak media unit.

Room Size

An oak video unit will likely be a central point within a room, as it will be holding the TV, but that doesn't mean it has to be a focal point or statement piece within the room. If you're planning on placing an oak media unit within a smaller room, you want the size to match the other furniture in the room; you also want to make sure you have the space for it. When purchasing, take measurements of the area where you intend to place the media unit so you can choose the perfect size.
The shape of the media unit is another factor to take into consideration in regard to the size of the room. Oak media units can come in many different shapes, such as rectangles, squares, and ovals, and there are even units specially designed to fit into a corner.

Unit Size

When choosing an oak media unit, you want to select an option that is the right size for your home. One of the first questions you should ask yourself is, what should the height be? The best height for the TV stand will depend on the height of your furniture and the size of the TV. If the TV is too high or too low, you'll be craning your neck to see it properly. A general rule of thumb is to have the center of the screen just below eye level when installing.
Also, consider the width of the TV when selecting a media unit. After all, you don't want to make a purchase and then discover that your TV is longer than the stand. The media unit needs to be long and wide enough to properly hold a TV and keep it balanced. Measure your TV length and width before purchasing an oak media unit, and select an option that is slightly larger than those dimensions.
When purchasing an oak media unit, you have to keep the weight of your TV in mind. The larger the TV, the more it weighs; if you use an oak unit that is not strong enough to handle the way, it will collapse. Check the weight limits on media units before purchasing, especially if the unit you're interested in has glass doors or shelving.

natural oak media unit


Consider the finishing and stains you want on the oak media unit. Do you have a particular color scheme in your home? Do you want the natural oak media unit to be darker? These are questions to consider when looking for an oak media unit. There are various different types of oak wood used for furniture, and they all have their own shades of color, so browse around before choosing. Solid oak furniture also has other unique qualities that give each piece a special touch, like knots and rings.
No matter the style theme of your home, oak media units are available with many different designs and styles to choose from, like a mid-century oak media unit. Many modern rooms have their TVs now mounted to walls, but that doesn't eliminate the need for a media unit; there are options that are just as effective without holding a TV. Oak media units can also match with other interior designs and pair well with oak living room furniture.


Not all oak media units are completely oak. Some may not be completely oak and have variances, like glass doors and glass shelving. While wood may be resilient, glass is not; is this going to be a problem in your home? If it is, you may want to opt for a solid oak media unit.


oak media unit

Oak TV units are great for their storage capacity, but not all units are created equally; some provide more storage, While others may not have any storage at all. If storage is an issue in your home, there are many oak media unit options with plenty of storage and solid doors to keep your items hidden. But if storage is not an issue in your home, you can opt for an open shelving unit.
By keeping these tips in mind, selecting the right oak media unit will be a breeze.

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