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How To Style a Contemporary Modern Living Room

March, 2022

Introduction to Contemporary Style Decor

Contemporary style decors are often thought of as being ultra minimal with an abundance of sharp lines, graphic prints and high-shine surfaces and materials. It’s typically viewed as being dynamic and daring. It’s herald for pushing boundaries and for being a mastery of light and reflection. 

It is a design movement reflective of the here and now, representing a breakaway from traditional decoration.

Contemporary style design is about innovation and change that presents us with something fresh, different and, at times, disruptive from what we’ve seen before.


One of the most important areas for contemporary modern styled rooms is color. It’s a common misconception that a contemporary scheme is all about bright white - they should actually have a stark contrast in the colors used, even if you’ve predominantly used white.

Monochrome is a favorite because it lets you move from one extreme to the other. Keep your color choices confident and don’t be nervous about moving across the color wheel. Contemporary color palettes are strong and love to create interesting contradictions. That’s part of what makes them so dynamic.


oak living room furniture



The contemporary period of design includes the use of organic materials such as wood, rock, slate, oak, cotton, wool, and other gorgeous materials such as textural seagrass.

Contemporary Style Sofas

While being a perfect match for your contemporary modern living room style, the Olivia sofa is also super comfortable with a playful edge. Casual with cylindrical features and curved details, the Olivia brings effortless style to your living space. Enjoy the soft, warm tones of granite gray, sand beige or soft gray plush fabric cushions and the solid American oak frame. Olivia’s covers are removable and dry clean only ensuring they last the distance. Additional covers may be purchased separately so that you can mix it up with the seasons.

Our unique Olivia sofas, designed by Tania Da Cruz, are designed for a comfortable sitting experience. The rod details that hold the cushions firmly in place and the rounded corners on the back of the frame will complement any contemporary modern living room design. The Olivia is available in a 3-seater, 2-seater and armchair to ensure you can provide ample, cozy seating in your living space. 


contemporary oak sofa


Contemporary Style TV units 

Our strong and simple Bastian TV & media unit will add style and function to any  contemporary living room.

Bring contemporary modern design of the Bastian TV & media unit into your living space - this is style and function. The Bastian is the perfect height for your TV to be comfortably viewed when sitting on your sofa, and pre-drilled holes for cables at the back of the unit keep everything in its place. The lip on the drawer fronts makes for easy opening while retaining a clean, minimalist appearance. Solid oak construction with clean, flat surfaces and angled legs with a tapered, rectangular prism shape combines to create a modern, strong piece that will last for years to come with the right care.

Available in: 

  • 2 drawers and 2 sliding cupboards configuration (51.2 x 17.7 x 23.2 inches)
  • 2 drawers and 1 long shelf configuration (94.488 x 17.7165 x 23.3383 inches) 
  • 4 drawers and 2 shelves (70.866 x 17.7165 x 23.3383 inches)

All are best suited for a television up to 58” (diagonally) 16:9 


oak TV unit


Contemporary Style Coffee Tables 

Completing the styling of your contemporary modern living room is the coffee table - the center of the room. The rounded edges and elegant design of the Magnus coffee table inspire gentle tranquility and bring a modern touch to your home. Magnus’s effortless balance of soft curves and clean lines is inspired by the Scandinavian and Mid-Century modern furniture movements that create an effortless, timeless atmosphere, designed for life. Solid, strong American oak construction means the Magnus coffee table is long-lasting - with the right care it can bring decades of service and refined style. Bring the soft, warm tones and smooth texture of the solid oak Magnus Coffee Table into your living space and experience easy, sweeping elegance.

Available in both rectangular and round.


oak coffee table


Introduction to IconByDesign

IconByDesign is an Australian-designed, Scandinavian-inspired, mid century modern furniture company that has recently launched in the USA. We are a family business that focuses on crafting sustainable and eco-friendly pieces that are made from solid American wood at factory direct prices. 

All our products are always available at two prices. Customers can choose to select the 'Buy Now' option where the item is shipped within 3 business days. Alternatively, if you’re happy to wait a little longer and you’d like to save 20%, you can select our 'Pre-Order' option. 


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