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October, 2021

Bastian Office Desk in Solid American Oak

Our gorgeous solid wood Bastian Office Desk offers a functional working space. The drawers can be set up on either the left or the right, depending on the needs of your work space. Our popular Olivia Dining Chairs are stylish and superbly comfortable while our Olivia Display Shelves are a modular shelving solution.  

After a long day at work, it's time to get up and dance. Our Bastian office desk morphs from workspace to DJ desk. What's your favourite dance move?  

The Bastian Office Desk has the smooth, velvety texture and soft, warm tones of solid American Oak blend. Clean and sharp, the solid wood Desk is inspired by the Scandinavian and Mid Century modern furniture movements and is designed for living. With the right care, this desk will provide a modern work or study space for decades to come.


Wood Office Desk


Want to Furnish it? 

To create the ultimate work space in your living room, or full study, the Bastian office desk can be furnished with the Bastian media unit and a pair of Olivia dining chairs. The Bastian media unit can provide for additional storage and/or to create a room divider should your work/study area be situated in a multi-purpose space such as your living room. The Olivia dining chair provides comfort whether you are undertaking home admin tasks, study or even your 9-5 job from home. 

Need more storage space for your home office? Our Olivia modular shelving unit comes in a range of widths and sizes to suits every space. Crafted from solid oak for a decidedly Scandinavian vibe, the latest addition to our Olivia family is the modern storage solution to your space.


Solid Wood Shelves

Solid Wood Shelves


Who is IconByDesign?

We are an Australian-designed, Scandinavian-inspired, mid-century modern furniture company that launched in the USA at the start of 2021. We are a family business, owned by a father and son, that focuses on crafting sustainable and eco-friendly pieces that are made from solid American wood at factory direct prices.

All our products are always available at two prices. Customers can choose to select the ‘Buy Now’ option where the item is shipped the next business day from our California warehouse in Long Beach. Alternatively, if you’re happy to wait a little longer and would like to save 20% on your order, selecting our unique ‘Pre-Order’ price is the way to go.

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