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How To Style a Scandinavian Office

December, 2021

Scandinavian style is a minimalist design style which emerged in the 1930s within five Nordic countries - Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. At its very foundation, is a strong relationship between design elements and nature, abstract and natural shapes, as well as hard and soft materials and surfaces. Scandi style is all about layers, lighting, texture and simplicity.

Introduction to Scandinavian Style Decor

The term ‘Scandinavian design’ came about from a design show of the same name which traveled throughout the United States and Canada between 1954 and 1957. Natural daylight being a rare commodity in Nordic countries led to the basis of Scandi design. This is a design style which is carefully curated to ensure that natural light is celebrated and bounces around the room. 
Extremely popular between the 1930s and 1970s, it’s a design style which stands the test of time due to its simplicity and ability to be easily recreated at home.
The features of Scandinavian style furniture make the most of natural lighting, layering, varying textures, combining hard and soft finishes and materials, and white. White is the cornerstone of Scandi style furniture. To create an authentic Scandi style the main color palette of white needs to be implemented. Furniture, soft and hard furnishings and the entire design is based on layers, textures and natural finishes.


The color palette for Scandinavian style decor is white, white and more white. White ceilings, white walls and white-washed or very pale wooden or stone floors.You may deviate by introducing grayed down colors of pale neutral grays, gentle gray greens and soft duck egg blues. 
If you need a bit more color - introduce color with natural wood or a strong accent color via artworks and accessories. Another option is to create definition with the neutral tone of black frames for artwork or darker tones in upholstery or fabric.


scandinavian office chair



Scandinavian style materials embrace nature - stone or wood flooring, wooden statement furniture, rugs made of hemp, sisal or wool, soft furnishing made of cashmere and wool. Furniture and hard surfaces should allow natural light to bounce around the space. Soft furnishings and surfaces should create a sense of warmth and comfort.


Solid Wood Office Desk


Creating a Scandinavian Style Office

Choose furniture with simple joinery and skilled workmanship which is as important as the beauty and integrity of the piece. Accessories should be selected for their simplicity, authenticity and craftsmanship. Think natural finishes, layers and varying textures - rugs made of hemp, sisal and wool in soft natural colors.


Solid Wood Desk


Scandinavian Style Office Shelving

With a clever isosceles trapezoid design and modular structure, the configuration possibilities are endless. Create an elegant room divider or effortlessly interesting display with the Olivia Modular Shelves.
Crafted from solid American oak and with its sturdy structure, these shelves are strong, timeless and long-lasting.
Choose from three different widths and five different heights to find shelving that seamlessly fits into your home. If you would like assistance creating a configuration that’s just right for you.

Solid Wood Shelves

Scandinavian Style Office Desks

Work or study are equally pleasurable with the Jolanda solid oak desk. With a drawer for essential storage, a beveled tabletop and angled legs for a softer feel, the Jolanda Desk brings refined, minimalist, modern design to your workspace. Scandinavian inspired, the Jolanda Desk’s practical, timeless construction will last for years when properly cared for.


scandinavian desk chair



Introduction to Icon By Design

IconByDesign launched in the USA in January 2021 and delivers Australian-designed, Scandinavian-inspired, mid century modern furniture at a great price through a highly innovative business model.

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